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In addition to dehydrated chile and paprika, we are a domestic source for high quality, specialty items and Mexican varieties of chiles.

           Chopped Chile & Chopped Paprika

These are our bread and butter.  Fragrant and richly colored.

Ancho Powder

A smoky and flavorful powder milled to a 40 mesh.

Green Chile

A flavorful favorite. Available in mild or hot, chopped, diced or ground into a 40 mesh powder.


Chipotle Pods & Powder

As either whole pods or ground into powder, this distinct chile is very popular.  It is quickly becoming a new classic.

Jalapeno Powder

Green jalapeno powder, ground to a 40 mesh.  A beautiful, olive green color and amazing flavor.

Diced Green Jalapeno

A diced version of a popular product.

Whole Ancho Pods

Authentic, Mexican flavor.

Shipping: 8927 North Highway 85 - Las Cruces, New Mexico - 88005


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