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Biad Chili, LTD. CO

Family owned  since 1951

A third generation company started in 1951, Biad Chili of New Mexico owns and operates three major chile dehydrating plants located in the southwest from Texas to Arizona.  Utilizing sixty years of experience coupled with modern techniques, Biad Chili Ltd. Co. produces a large variety of products, which are marketed worldwide.  We are known for our customer service and for our unparalleled quality control.  We strictly control each segment of production from raw material to finished products, ensuring the customer with top quality products.

Our plants are located in the heart of major paprika and chili growing regions.  We are able to begin processing within hours of harvest.


Our agronomy programs are constantly working toward varieties of chile and paprika that provide higher yield for the farmer, mechanical harvesting for the future of our industry and high color for customers.  We are at the forefront of the advancement that has taken place in our industry during the past 15 years.  Our grower programs ensures that only FDA approved chemicals are used from the time the seed is planted until the day of harvest.


The majority of what we do is the industrial sale of chile and paprika for the spice, color, flavor and bread and batter industries.  We service the dehydrated red and green chile, paprika and jalapeno markets.

Shipping: 8927 North Highway 85 - Las Cruces, New Mexico - 88005


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